Engagement Session Outfit Tips

Have an engagement session coming up and can't decide what to wear? I created this post for guidance and I hope this helps you out!

Texas capitol engagement session

1. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful.
Look in the mirror at all angles and ask yourself, "Do I like the way this outfit makes me look?". Also, wear something that you could actually see yourself in. I once had a client tell me, "I don't know why I wore a pink striped shirt. I never wear pink or stripes!" Try to wear something that feels like you!
Choosing outfits can be difficult, but make sure you wear something that you feel confident in!

2. Say yes to the dress. Dresses always photograph well. Especially flowy dresses or skirts because they show movement and look beautiful! Dresses with sleeves are always a good option too! 

3. Have one casual outfit option and one dressy option to change into! You can also bring layers or multiple outfits if you can’t decide what to wear.

4. Collared button down long sleeve or short sleeve shirts, blazers, or sports jackets always look great on men! 

5. Wear shoes you love! If you want to wear heels, pack sandals or flats to change into if we are walking a lot during the session. 

6. Avoid busy loud prints or super bright colors. Simple patterns and prints look great (like plaid or florals). Avoid very small busy patterns (like small horizontal stripes or small checkered patterns) because they can make your outfit look pixel-y. 

7. Stay away from anything too trendy that you might regret in a couple years! Simple accessories are best.

8. Wear colors that complement each other. Try not to match solid colors or patterns with your partner. 

9. Prepare for the heat or for the cold! Have water in the car if you are changing locations. Have a handkerchief or wash cloth for sweat! If it’s cold outside, bring layers to keep warm. You can add on or take off a jacket or scarf easily to make your outfit look different during the session.

10. Don't forget to have fun! Shake off those Austin traffic and timing worries once you get to the session and have fun! Some couples even bring champagne to pop or have a drink before their session to start the shoot off in a fun way and to help loosen any nerves! (This is totally optional) Overall, goofing off and laughter makes some of the best photos! I can't wait to capture your love!

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