Wedding Questionnaire

Please fill out the questionnaire when you have time. Every wedding is unique and different, so some of the questions may not apply to you! You do not have to fill out every question. Thanks!

Please complete the form below

Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Do you have a planner, coordinator, or a friend or family member that is helping you coordinate your wedding? If so, let me know their name, email, and number.
Tell me a little about how you and your fiancé met!
To mail flash drives
Where will the Bride have her final preparation taking place (last makeup & hair finishing touches) on the wedding day? (Please provide name and address if not ceremony location)
Do you have any special details you want me to photograph during the getting ready shots? (Items I commonly photograph: shoes, rings, jewelry, invitations, something old, new, and blue)
Do you plan on having a first look or traditional ceremony?
Name, address, and ceremony start time.
How long will the ceremony last? Are there any photography restrictions at the ceremony site?
Name, address, and reception start and end time.
When will you be doing your first dance? Right at the beginning of the reception or after dinner? Are you doing a bouquet or garter toss? If you have a brief timeline of events at the reception, please describe this here.
Can you please list out the formal family photos that you would like. This helps the formals go smoothly! (Ex: 1. Bride + Groom + Grandma Mary 2. Groom & Aunt Jane, etc.)
Do you have a formal exit planned? (sparklers, bubbles, rose petals, etc.)
What are the colors and style of your wedding?
Are there any special family situations (divorces, deaths, etc) that I should know about that I need to be sensitive to?
Are there any special traditions or special things that I should know about that will be happening on your wedding day?
Anything else you would like me to know?